STRETCHER BEARERS - (Mark 2:1-5) Talk about carrying a load! These four guys used a little creativity and took a huge risk to carry their paralyzed friend to Jesus. What are you and I doing to hold up our end of someone's stretcher? Meet the ultimate Stretcher Bearer, who stretched his life on a cross, to heal people paralyzed by sin.

GUNFIGHT AT GETHSAMENE - (Matthew 26:36-55) Read a good western lately? Are you looking for someone to ride into town and clean up the place? This story looks at Jesus as the Hero in the white hat who faces a difficult show down and wins! Learn how Jesus handled his 'gunfight at the OK Corral' and helps us face our own 'show downs'.

THE PROVERBS 31 WOMAN -We women fear this chick! We crimp down in our pews every time she's preached (usually on Mother's Day). This practical but humorous look at Proverbs 31 helps us understand the Proverbs 31 lady is not just one woman, but a composite who in season has developed a healthy fear of the Lord. Learn to apply this scripture in practical ways translated for the 21st Century.

GOD'S GIRL - Jenny shares her own personal story and testimony through humorous stories of a lost and lonely little school girl who is adopted by the Perfect Father. Maybe you will identify with her feelings of abandonment, loneliness and helplessness. Learn that you are an orphan no more-God will adopt you into His Kingdom and make you an heir (Romans 8:17).

TOPIC OF YOUR CHOICE - Jenny will prepare a topic of your choice. All presentations are Biblically based and include practical application for Christian living. She will hold up the Word to challenge and encourage your audience.

Jenny is available to speak at banquets, luncheons, conferences, seminars, workshops, and retreats. She will speak before small or large groups and her fee includes an honorarium and expenses. Jenny will be happy to tailor her presentation to your specifications.
Jenny Broughton • 6020 Marlow Lane • Oklahoma City, OK 73132 • 405-720-2802 or 405-200-8916